JILONG Visual Fault Locator VFL-22M-G-30

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Product Features
● Pocket size
● Silicone dust ca
● Measuring up to 30km, high stability
● 2.5mm Universal adaptor for FC/ SC/ ST
● With LED lights for dark environment
● Strong light source, strong penetrating power
● Lithium battery USB-charging / AA Batteries (optional)

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Κωδικός προϊόντος: JLG-VFL22MG30 Κατηγορίες: ,


JILONG Visual Fault Locator VFL-22M-G-30

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Product Parameter

Model VFL-22M-10 VFL-22M-20 VFL-22M-30
Output power 10mW 20mW 30mW
Detection distance 8-10km 15-20km 25-30km
Battery 12H 10H 4H
Wavelength 650nm
Laser type LD
Modulation frequency CW / 2Hz
Operating temperature -20 ~ +60 (℃)
LED Support
Power AAA 1.5V  batteries x 2 / Lithium battery 1000mAh
Charging port USB (only for charging models)
Dimensions 120 x 35 x 20 (mm)
Weight 50 g (Including batteries)

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