KOMSHINE OTDR Dead Zone Eliminator KFLC-2 (OS2-150M, 9/125um G652D SC/APC)

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OTDR Dead Zone Eliminator

● Compact, rugged, lightweight
● 150m、300m、500m、1km、2km lengths standard
● Available with a variety of connector styles
● Compact! Fits easily in OTDR cases or kits
● Adapters special storage bin design
● For use as OTDR launch cable
● For use as OTDR receive cable
● Measure insertion loss and reflectance of near- and far-end connections of a fiber optic link using an OTDR
● Use to test link loss with an OTDR


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KOMSHINE OTDR Dead Zone Eliminator KFLC-2

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Testing、 Inspection and Location

OTDR optical fiber launch cable is used to measure the loss and
reflectivity of the proximal connection and the remote non-corrupt
insertion of the optical fiber line using OTDR. Each OTDR launch
cable can be used as an OTDR transmitting and receiving cable,
both of which were necessary to eliminate blind spots when
measuring the complete line loss of the optical fiber with OTDR.OT
DR launch cable adopts coiled design, easy to carry, compact and
light.Various length options, very suitable for short, medium,long
distance fiber network test applications.

How to Generate a Baseline Trace Using Fibre Rings

• Use the Fibre Ring as a launch cable.Connect the Fibre Ring
between your OTDR and the fibre link under test. This will allow you to
measure the loss of the near-end connection.
• Use the Fibre Ring as a receive cable.Connect the Fibre Ring to the
far-end connector of your fibre link under test. This will allow you to
measure the loss of the far-end connection.
• By using the jump cable as a transmitting and receiving cable.You
can measure the total insertion loss of the fiber link

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1000m, 150m, 500m



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