FC-20 Handheld optical fiber cleaver

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Blade life up to 48,000 times
Typical cleaving angle ≤0.5 degree
Tungsten steel blade, wear resistance,high hardness, corrosion resistance
Palm-sized design, lightweight and portable
All-in-one holder is suitable for various optical fibers of 250~3.0mm
High-precision CNC machining andforming, excellent texture


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FC-20 Handheld optical fiber cleaver

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Fiber Meterial Single fiber
ladding Diameter 125μm
Cleaved Length Single fiber: 8~20mm / Ribbon fiber: 10mm
Applicable Fiber Cable Single fiber: 250μm, 900μm, 3.0mm / flat cable / Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 fiber cable
Typical Cleaved Angle Less than 0.5 Degrees  ★①
Typical Blade Life Total 48,000 fiber cleaves (replaceable)  ★②
Off-cut Collector /
Type of Offcut Bin /
Auto Return Pre-fitted
Dimension / Weight 55W *55D*50H(mm)  /  235g

★①  The fiber cleave angle changes by operating environment
★②  Blade life changes by operating environment

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