JILONG Fiber Cleaver Blade JBL-16

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Product Features

Cleave angle≤0.5°, smooth cutting surfac
Durable, up to 48000 cleaves
Rotatable16 cutting points, per point reaches 3000 cleaves
Tungsten steel refining and processing, high hardnes
Hanging hole design on the outer packaging, convenient for storage and display
The pin positioning and groove design of the outer packaging, Not easy to shake, protect the blade during transportation

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JILONG Fiber Cleaver Blade JBL-16

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Product Parameter

Model JBL-16
Rotatable cutting point 16 surface
Blade specification Diameter22*4*2 mm
Blade material Tungsten steel
D(g/cm ) 14.75
Blade hardness >93HRA
TRS(MPa) 2200
Cutting life (single point) 3000 ★①

★ ① Blade life changes by operating environment


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