GRANDWAY FHO1500 Last Mile Explorer

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FHO1500 is specifically for the weak light problem in the last mile, no matter how short the optical fiber distance is, the fault point can be accurately located. With the excellent 1m/4m deadzone performance, all kinds of continuous connectors, attenuation loss and other events that may appear in the last mile can be clearly distinguished.


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GRANDWAY FHO1500 Last Mile Explorer

*3.5 inch color LCD, portable design and easy to carry.

*Multi function integration, support 10mw VFL, stable laser source, optical power meter, RJ45 line sequence test and other functions.

*High precision, short deadzone OTDR can accurately test all kinds of continuous connectors and attenuation points in the line.

*The built-in dark optical fiber of OTDR can measure the attenuation at the near end of the line and the insertion loss of the first connector.

*Support live fiber test (1625nm or 1650nm is optioal).

*Bluetooth connection of mobile phone supports fast transmission of test files to mobile phone.

*Mobile phone remote control, control OTDR test and curve view analysis through the mobile phone.



Item Parameter
Wavelength 1625nm or 1650nmm
Dynamic Range 20dB
Event Dead zone ≤1m
Attenuation Dead zone ≤4m
IOR Setting 1.468
Loss Resolution 0.01dB
Pulse Width 5ns~20ns
Sampling Points 20000
Sampling Resolution Min 0.05m
Distance Accuracy ±0.5m
Loss Accuracy 0.1dB
Linearity 0.1dB
Reflectance Accuracy ±2dB
Optical Port FC/UPC, SC/UPC
Working Humidity 0~85% (Non-Condensing)
Working Temp -10~50℃


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