Dimension Optical Probe (Handheld Power Meter) Model: OP-01

350,00 με Φ.Π.Α

Non-contact and Probe Power Test
No Extra Patch Cords Required
Ultra-fast Power ON, Always Ready for Use
Integrated with Visual Fault Locator
Support RJ45 Cable Sequence Test
Unique LED Lighting
Compatible with USB Transfer, Allowing to Save Data to PC

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Dimension Optical Probe (Handheld Power Meter) Model: OP-01

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OP-01 Handheld Optical Multimeter Built-in 1mW Visual Fault Locator

DIMENSION optical probe integrates OPM (optical power meter),
VFL (visual fault locator), RJ45 cable tracker and sequence test and other functions.
The optical probe is easy-to-use, and it can easily handle with the construction of various
communication networks and different test scenarios.
Thanks to the unique probe-type and non-contact universal interface design,
field engineers do not need to carry a wide variety of other fiber patch cords,
all tests can be completed with one optical probe.

Support RJ45 line tracking function

In a complex field environment, it is difficult to determine the head and tail of a wire. The optical probe integrates RJ45 line tracking function. User can plug one end of the network line into the OP-01, and use the receiver to find the other end of the network line.

Compatible with USB transfer, allowing to save data to PC

The optical probe allows to store maximum 1000 measurement results, which can be saved to PC via USB.

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