At ARCTOS we offer repair services for splicers and cleavers to keep them operating like new. Our technicians have an exchesive experience of over of 25 years in the industry and have seen many changes in splicing technology. This broad range of experience allows our techs to diagnose and repair older splicers as well as the newer more difficult to troubleshoot. We pride ourselves on being customer focused to deliver prompt and responsive service.

We service all the leading manufacturers (Fitel, Sumitomo, Fujikura, Ilsintech, FiberFox, Inno, Jilong, DVP) saving you time, money and the inconvenience of sending your equipment to multiple suppliers.

– We offer free of charge technical diagnosis and estimation of repairs

– Detailed documentation on work completed


Fusion Splicer Repair Services Include:

  • Diagnostics of the fusion splicer
  • Maintenance of the Splicer
  • Adjustment and dust cleaning of the CCDs (cameras)
  • Replacement of the high-voltage arc discharge unit of the Splicer
  • Extensive cleaning of the lens and mirrors
  • Replacement of the windproof cover of the Splicer
  • Reposition of the electrodes using digital microscope
  • Replacing the mirrors of the Splicer
  • Alignment and height adjustment of the fiber holders
  • Replacing the buttons on the keyboard of the Splicer
  • V-Groove cleaning under microscope inspection
  • Replacing the Splicer heater (complete) or heating element
  • Calibration of the X and Y Aligning motion I-core values
  • Replacement of the motherboard of the Splicer
  • Fiber type recognition and discrimination testing
  • Replacing the monitor of the Splicer (complete) or LCD
  • Splice loss judge test
  • Replacement of the fiber clamps or elastomer pads
  • Heater temperature test with external calibrated element
  • Replacement of the stepper motors and motor calibration
  • Update / restore the firmware of the Splicer
  • Setting up splicer information unit

Fiber Cleaver Repair Services Include:

  • Replacement of the Cleaver Blade.
  • Adjustment of the blade height under microscope inspection
  • Replacement of the blade height adjust screw.
  • Alignment of the Blade position
  • Cleaning and realign of the miniature linear rail guide
  • Replacement of the elastomer pressure pads
  • Evaluation of the splice angle cut with high accuracy splicer
  • Replacement of the cleaver anvil tip

ARCTOS Service Center, give your splicer the very best treatment.
Although splicers have been optimized for low maintenance, robustness, and a long service life, regular (yearly) maintenance of this equipment is recommended. Trained technicians and support engineers perform the desired or required maintenance and repair work at our facilities, quickly and reliably. Of course, we can provide you with a loaner device if required. Our Service Center provides periodic service checks for all fusion splicers regardless of the manufacturer.

These annual checks include the provision of maintenance seals and repair certificates. Free consultation over the phone is a given for our customers.

Our standard service includes:

  • Firmware upgrade
  • Complete cleaning of the device and accessories
  • Check and adjustment of all device parameters
  • Cleaning and adjustment of  Mirrors and Microscope lenses
  • Machine tests such as motor limit, motor calibration, z-tests , dust test, etc.
  • V-Groove cleaning under microscope inspection
  • Test splices and measurements with OTDR evaluation of the splice point
  • Cleaver cleaning and blade rotation
  • Blade height adjustment and test cuts with evaluation under splicer
  • Quality seal and repair certificate with test report
  • Reminder service for annual maintenance