Yokogawa AQ1000 Entry Level Optical Time Domain Reflectometer mini OTDR

This AQ1000 is specifically designed to increase the productivity of field personnel working on the installation and deployment of optical access networks such as Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Although it is positioned as an entry-level model, it still retains Yokogawa’s established standards of quality/reliability for ODTR manufacturers and features characteristics which are usually present in higher-level models, such as a high-quality capacitive multi-touch touchscreen and wireless connectivity.

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AQ1000 Entry Level Optical Time Domain Reflectometer mini OTDR


The AQ1000 satisfies test and measurement needs in analyzing access optical networks.

  • Wavelengths: 1310 / 1550 nm
  • Dynamic ranges: 32 / 30 dB
  • Size: 185 mm (W) × 116 mm (H) × 56 mm (D)    ( 7.3″ (W) × 4.6″ (H) × 2.2″ (D) )
  • Weight: 660 g   ( 1.46 Lbs )

Multi-touch touchscreen

Intuitive and responsive

Tap, swipe, pinch or press with the intuitive and responsive multi-touchscreen display. This high resolution, responsive 5.0-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen combined with hard-key buttons make OTDR operations simple and intuitive.

AQ1000 OTDR Multi Touch

One-button measurement


By simply pressing one singe button, the AQ1000 initiates an OTDR measurement, detects and comprehensively characterizes network events with PASS/FAIL judgment based on user-defined thresholds. The measurement data can be saved automatically if desired.

AQ1000 OTDR One Button Measurement

OTDR view modes

Trace view

Traditional view with OTDR waveforms and event markers.

AQ1000 Trace View

Map view

Simple, icon-based map view for easy interpretation of network events.

AQ1000 Map View

Long battery operation time

Over 10 hours!

No worrying about running out of battery power during your daily work. The AQ1000’s high capacity Li-Ion battery will last for 10 hours under the Telcordia standard conditions.

Quick boot-up

Under 10 seconds!

From completely OFF to measurement ready in under 10 seconds!

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