FIBERPRO CFT-810 Audio Fiber Tracer

  • Fiber tracing & fiber cable identification
  • Audio-Visual detection of target fiber/cable
  • Zero dead zone
  • Traces ‘bend insensitive fibers’
  • Dynamic range : 9 dB
  • Output power selection (-25dBm ~ -4dBm)
  • Optical Power Meter function
  • Visual Fault Locator function
  • Battery operation
  • Τεχνικό φυλλάδιο
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FIBERPRO CFT-810 Audio Fiber Tracer


IBERPRO’s Audio Fiber Tracer, the CFT-810, is designed for fiber optic technicians who need a portable, battery operated, easy to use instrument for tracing and identifying fiber optic patch cords and cables at an affordable price. With its unique patented technology, CFT-810 produces audio and visual signals that technicians can easily pick up when they tap the target fiber/cable. It has a wide dynamic range with zero dead-zone. It also works on the new generation of bend-insensitive fibers, something difficult or impossible to do with conventional visual fiber identifiers or OTDRs. These features make the CFT-810 extremely useful when troubleshooting and maintaining medium-to-large premise LANs as well as Metropolitan Area Networks. It is an essential test instrument for network management and field maintenance.


176mm x 246mm x 100mm


Fiber Tracing & Fiber Cable Identification

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