Ceyear 4025D Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum analyzer supports LAN, USB, MicroSD card, Wi-Fi wireless communication and other interfaces.
The whole machine adopts a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen, which supports marker dragging, frequency and amplitude dragging and scaling, etc.
Τεχνικό Φυλλάδιο Ceyear 4025

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Ceyear 4025D Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Ceyear new 4025D Handheld Spectrum Analzyer features 40 MHz analysis bandwitdth and 10.1″ full capacitive touch screen. It bears richful spectrum analysis functions in the range from 9 kHz to 20 GHz.

The Ceyear 4025D spectrum analyzer is a new generation of high-performance handheld spectrum analyzer, with a frequency measurement range of 9kHz to 20GHz, mainly used for installation and commissioning of wireless communication equipment in the field, maintenance and interference detection, etc. It is small, lightweight, highly adaptable to the environment, flexible in power supply and easy to operate. 4025D spectrum analyzer with 40MHz real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth is configured with Interference Analysis, Channel Scan, Field Strength Measurement, USB CW and Peak Power Measurement, Analog Demodulation Analysis, Directional Analysis and other measurement function modes, as well as channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, spectrum emission Mask, carrier-to-noise ratio, harmonic distortion, spurious emission Mask, indoor/outdoor map coverage and other intelligent measurement functions.

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